My character is very cold hearted as he feels let down by his son turning into a beetle, but at heart he still loves his son but does not want to show it as he feels embarrassed. There is a part in the play when Mr Samson shows a part of compassion when they are […]

The poem is written as one long stanza, this called a dramatic monologue. The author reacts to the presence of Porphyria in a warm way. As soon as she entered “she shut the cold out and the storm”, this creates an image of when she enters she enters with warmth as all cold and bad […]

Both poems have many similarities, but a thing that stands out is the subject as the subject is what the poem is about. They’re both about break ups, we know that they are about break ups as for the poem ‘when we two parted’ the clue is in the title as parted means they are […]

Dear Dad, Time has flown by its been 25 years since you’ve brought me to this beautiful earth, and I appreciate it very much. You’ve always supported me in terms of everything I’ve wanted to achieve for examale when you came to my first game of football because I wanted to be a footballer or

Theme- the theme is a relationship between the mother and a daughter, the daughter is imagining a glamours life which her mum might’ve had. memory Language-  there is use of alliteration such as ‘stamping stars’ the effect of alliteration is to emphasise something so it sticks in the readers memory Structure- 4 stanzas and 5 […]

My prediction about the poem is about a relationship which has broken up and they have both gone on different routes of life as they have parted. 1. Parted, Broken, Sever, Pale and Colder 3. Verse 2 tells me that the poet is telling us what he felt on a certain morning. On this certain […]

In my opinion a follower is a bad thing as I see a follower as someone who follows the herd and does not have an opinion for himself, a follower normally agrees with what everyone says for example, if I believed that Ronaldo was better than Messi but I looked up to one of my […]

The salute in scene 2 represents respect to the person in command, this is respect as it is a traditional army thing and a salute is always towards a leader a

Climbing my grandfather and letters from Yorkshire are very similar poems as they both include relationships, with both being about family members. Furthermore letters from Yorkshire is about her father and Climbing my grandfather is about his grandfather we know this as grandfather is included in the title however we are not 100% certain if […]

Use of deformal language as it gives us the impression that the characters are not educated and they are farmers. Use of nature imagery which shows the maid can relate to nature and the story is based in four seasons as well. Sibilance makes a soft s sound which makes the reader feel like he […]